Meduktions Music Production specialise in producing music for television promos, branding, commercials, programme title, background and incidentals. Music is individually composed and produced to meet each client's particular requirements. Meduktions Music Production work closely with clients to interpret and implement cut-through and creative solutions to meet tight broadcast deadlines and produce high quality bespoke music at competitive prices.

Turner Classic Movies 1
Virgin TV Ident
Nickelodeon - Pinata
Nickelodeon - Sonic 1
5USA Ident
TruTV Ident


Kitesurf Kings
Nickelodeon - Movie Access
IdN Publications - Ident - Artillery
Disney Channel - Disney LL
KCET Los Angeles - Kids & Family
Viva - 60' Ident
Disney Cinemagic - Tinkerbell
Warner Brothers - TV Ident
MTV - Girls on Top
MTV - Mainstage
MTV Base - Party Jamz
Challenge - Ident 1
Fox - Ident 1
MTV - Big

Uber Eats  The Kardashians
TCM  Now 2
Nickelodeon - Ninja
Nickelodeon - Sonic 51
MTV Clic
Porsche Super Cup

Cartoon Network - Johnny Test
Disney Day Night Artillery
Disney Day Autumn  Artillery
MTV - WFT Bumpers
Odeon Premier Club - Trapped
Disney Channel - Toy Story 3
MTV - Classic
VH1 - In The Mood For
See Festival
VH1 -  Rise & Shine
Garfield -  Ident 1
MTV - Class of...
MTV - Big Tunes